MENU: JULY 8, 2018 / POPUP FOR GOOD #3 / First Friends


BLT (NEW)  Yes, really -- bacon and tomato on a mayo sauce with fresh mozzarella, finished with crisp summer greens

Pizza del Verano (NEW)  Summer corn and zucchini, queso Mexicano, cilantro, finished with Key Lime and our own Green Zinger sauce

Triple P  1. Pepperoni, 2. Poblanos, 3. Parmesan and fresh-made tomato sauce

Quarttro Formaggio  Asiago, mozzarella, parmesan, provolone, fresh basil and fresh-made tomato sauce (vegetarian)

All pizzas available on gluten-free crust


Summer Salad. Summer corn right off the cob, cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers and arugula with Central Pizza Pie vinaigrette


Barbara's Brownies  A square of true chocolate perfection made by our neighbor Barbara. THANK YOU BARBARA!

Lincoln Lab Shortbread  Extra buttery shortbread cut in an exact silhouette of our Labrador Retriever, Lincoln. THANK YOU LINCOLN!

Homer's Iced Cream  Homer's Peach, which you can only get in the summer with peach compote, THANK YOU HOMER'S!


Red Dog Soda  Our popular cherry-ginger refresher, made from all natural ingredients, very low on sugar -- good for you as it is delicious

Wildkit Orange Phosphate  Our own orange-vanilla infusion with seltzer and acid phosphate is a tribute to the Wildkits. GO KITS!

3rd Coast Egg Cream  Brooklyn-made Fox's U-bet chocolate syrup plus whole milk and siphoned seltzer (A 120-year Brooklyn tradition!)